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Unless otherwise noted below, all workshops run from 4 pm - 5:30 pm at Roxy 'n Dukes, which is located at 745 Bound Brook Rd. (Rt.28), Dunellen, New Jersey.  If taking a workshop, please plan to arrive at 3:45pm.

Preregistration is usually not required, though it is sometimes offered for the next workshop in our series, and usually there is a discount associated with preregistration.

Please always arrive 15 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to begin with the fee for the workshop in cash. At the door fees are ONLY payable in cash.

All workshop attendees are granted early admission to the show and do not need to wait for the doors to open to the public at 6pm in order to get a seat for the show!

Sunday December 30th, 2018 - Belladonna

 A Good Ending is 40% of Your Dance!

A sword choreography and exploring ending concepts workshop with Belladonna.

Famous choreographer and dancer Doris Humphrey believed and taught that a good ending is 40% of your dance. Belladonna embraces this concept in every choreography that she creates and believes in building drama to keep your audience enthralled and wanting more.

In this workshop dancers will explore the concepts of creating a great ending as well as learn the second half of Belladonna’s Dangerous Beauty sword choreography! A choreography full of signature Bohemian Blade combinations, smooth transitions, and powerful and purposefully sword work.

Open to all levels

Please bring a sword


Workshop Cost:

$30.00 Prepay

$40.00 at the door

ALSO Sunday December 30th, 2018 -  After Party!

Come on out and join us for a

RAQ'N New Year's Eve EVE party!!


First we'll have an awesome workshop


Then we'll have  a kick a@@ show


AND THEN we're gonna P A R T Y! (in 2 parts!)



 We will kick off our After Party with a live percussion jam - totally epic and guided for us by none other than Dave Merritt


   Dave Merritt is an accomplished drummer, who has been playing drums for over 35 years. In 2004 he, along with Kim Leary, formed Groove Merchant Drum & Dance Ensemble, which led them to open the Drum & Dance Learning Center (DDLC) in May 2005. As musical director for DDLC, Dave is the principal composer, writing in a variety of styles.  In addition to his original compositions, he also arranges traditional rhythms true to their origins, as well as drum/ percussion- only interpretations of existing music.  A teacher since 1980, Mr. Merritt teaches a variety of drum techniques at the Drum Dojo at DDLC: Drum Set, Rudimental Snare Drum, Bodhrán, traditional West African Djembe and Dunun, and Arabic Tabla (Dumbek). As a drum teacher, his casual approach allows students the relaxation and freedom necessary to learn at their own pace, and his enthusiasm and appreciation of the instrument is both contagious and motivational.

Photo Credit: Brian Lin



   Then we keep the party going with Dan Platt (DJ Cub) spinning the tunes to keep us up and dancing!


 Dan Platt (DJ Cub) has been a professional DJ for over 20 years. He specializes in electronic dance music but offers a wide catalog of other genres such as new wave, 80s, punk, trip-hop, metal, alternative, indie rock, goth, and industrial. He has been a resident and guest DJ at numerous clubs in NYC, Philly, and throughout NJ, and in recent years has enjoyed spinning alternative weddings and the official after-parties at several popular steampunk, multi-genre, and dance festivals.


 $5.00 additional charge to stay after the show

$10.00 charge to come for the After Party only

    Advanced Purchase - December 30th Workshop


A Good Ending is 40% of Your Dance!

With Belladonna


Advanced Purchase is Open

Now through December 25th


December 30th, 2018 - Belladonna

   If there is space still available for this workshop

once Advanced Purchase closes, it will be available for

purchased at the door on a

first come first served basis for: 

$40 (cash only) + $10 for the show

+ $5 for the after party


Come on out and join us!

Sunday January 27th, 2019 - Yame

ShimmyLab -

   Improve Your Shimmy

 Are you feeling like your shimmy technique is stuck in a rut? Like no matter how hard you practice, your shimmies just aren't getting stronger? Are you not practicing because you lack the motivation, or don't know what to practice? Or maybe you're just looking for new insights and ways to shimmy? Have no fear, the Shimmy "Doctor" is here!

Although she is not a real doctor, Yame is an expert at "diagnosing" dancers' shimmy issues and "prescribing" a cure. In her ShimmyLab you will get to experiment with different techniques and learn brand new drills and exercises that you can take home with you to improve your shimmies.

Expect individual attention and recommendations, and please bring your smartphone, headphones, a resistance band, and a yoga block, if you have those things (you'll find out why when you get here!). If not, just bring yourself and a positive, can-do attitude and willingness to try something new!

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned dancer, whether you are feeling totally hopeless with your shimmies or feeling comfortable and just looking for a fresh perspective, this class will have something for you, so don't miss out!



Workshop Cost:

$30.00 Prepay

$40.00 at the door


Sunday February 24th, 2019 - Dorit Elena


Become a Musical Dancer!

The difference between a good dancer and a great dancer can be as simple as your connection to the music.

Learn to zone in and interpret the music through your body for improvisation, and choreography at ANY level. Every instrument and player has their own personality, and if you listen you can create an unforgettable visual masterpiece on the spot. Let your own particular soul shine through by connecting to the invisible.

I will give you some basic movements to Middle Eastern music sections and then you will improvise to the changes. We will also do a short section on the main rhythms of a basic drum solo.

Workshop Cost:

$30.00 Prepay

$40.00 at the door


Sunday March 31, 2019 - Tasha

Artistry of the Veil 

Tasha shares her artistry and expertise of the dance using veils.  She will help you learn to move effortlessly across the floor with your veil, clever veil movements while stationary, and moves with your veil to enhance your performance.

You are encouraged to bring your veil, but extras will also be available to borrow.

Workshop Cost:

$30.00 Prepay

$40.00 at the door


Sunday April 28, 2019 - June Seaney

Turkish Romani

Adding the beautiful 9/8 rhythm to your dance repertoire


The 9/8 rhythm is an important rhythm in Turkish Romani dance.

We will explore Turkish Romani dance style and movements with the music. The tempo can be slow, medium or fast, with many variations of the rhythm. We will put the moves together to get a feel for the Romani style and then we will look at ways of incorporating the movements and rhythm into our differing styles of dance while honoring and respecting the Romani culture.

All styles and ability levels welcome.



Workshop Cost:

$30.00 Prepay

$40.00 at the door

                                   Please Note

No Refunds, Transfers or Exchanges

on advanced purchases of workshops

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